Pas Normal Studios

In the summer of 2023, Paper Trails Europe partnered with Pas Normal Studios, the contemporary cycling apparel brand based in Copenhagen, known for catering to cyclists of all skill levels with high-performance cycling gear. Their product line seamlessly combines precision tailoring with minimalist Scandinavian design aesthetics, making them a favorite among the global cycling community. Pas Normal Studios extends their commitment beyond apparel by organizing cycling events and maintaining a vibrant online community, fostering camaraderie and passion among cyclists.

To mark the grand opening of their new store in München, Paper Trails Europe orchestrated an impactful street marketing campaign. This campaign featured both Wild Posting and Authorized Poster sites, each showcasing eye-catching A1 posters in two distinct designs. The Wild Posting was strategically deployed in the lead-up to the store’s opening, while the Authorized Posters continued to draw attention to the store once it was unveiled.

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