When the sun goes down, cities light up with colorful lights and signs. It’s a great time for wild beaming and video mapping to transform the night. Wild Projection is an amazing way to capture attention. It creates a big impact, involves your brand, and offers a unique experience for marketing. It’s sure to get lots of views, make an impact, and be shared on social media!

Beamer projections and video mapping are modern digital ways of doing guerrilla marketing quickly. We do this at a few places per night for big beaming, and at one or two buildings for video mapping. We also have a more affordable option: manual street-level beaming. This is for places where cars can’t go, or when you want to connect with a crowd. We can project on sidewalks, roads, walls, tunnels, signs, or boards. If you want a plan that fits what you’re aiming for with your campaign, reach out to us. We love taking on challenges!

  • Story telling
  • Give audiences an experience
  • Call to action marketing
  • Show stopper at night
  • Triggers social sharing
  • A+ locations in city centers
  • Video Mapping on buildings
  • Big screen projection
  • Crowd levelled projection



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