Wild posting in Germany

Engage in a dynamic marketing adventure through wild posting (also referred to as affichage or flyposting) across Germany. Our strategic poster distribution spans diverse locations. Situated close to Germany, our team possesses intricate knowledge of each city’s landscape, guiding your campaign to the prime spots your target audience frequents.

Your campaign will command attention in every corner – from bustling city centers to highway journeys by car. There’s simply no escaping its impact. With repeated exposure, these posters ensure your message takes root in the minds of passersby.

Why Paper Trails Europe

  • Dedicated local team of installers
  • For every budget and every message
  • Campaign start as quickly as 48 hours

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Optimal visibility in various cities

Enter the realm of guerrilla marketing with us. Connect today to unveil your campaign’s potential as it evolves into an urban masterpiece resonating throughout Germany and beyond. Your brand’s journey begins here.

Most popular cities in Germany

The most popular cities in Germany for wild posting are Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. Do you want to reach a larger part of Germany? We can also arrange wild posting in cities like Cologne, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Leipzig. Even bigger? We cover nation wide campaigns as well.

Previous wild posting campaigns in Germany

We’ve done some really cool wild posting campaigns in Germany, for well known brands like Snipes x 032c, Eintracht Frankfurt, Komono, Patta X Tommy, Daily Paper, and many more. See the pictures below for some inspiration.


Combining wild posting with other services

Harnessing the Strength of Repetition. The more frequently an individual encounters your message, the more indelibly it takes hold. This is why wild posting campaigns in Germany are often complemented by other promotional tactics, such as stickering, mupis, abris, and billboards. These supplementary strategies enhance brand visibility, and we extend these possibilities to the Netherlands as well.

Paper Trails Europe. Based in Amsterdam

In 2013, the roots of Paper Trails Europe were firmly planted in Amsterdam. Since then, we’ve been pioneers in the realm of wild posting, amassing years of invaluable experience. Our profound understanding of countries like Germany sets us apart. Whether you seek a brief yet impactful guerrilla campaign or a sustained brand presence across prime locations, we have you covered. Your vision becomes our mission.


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