Think of stickers as small street rebels among our guerrilla options. They’re like tiny posters that can express opinions, make you do something, show web addresses, pop up your logo, and more. Even though stickers are everywhere in the city, they stick in our memory. When we see the same campaign somewhere else, we remember it. We notice things without even knowing it. This makes it more likely for people to remember and then take action.

  • Helps people remember and recognize
  • Makes your brand stick in people’s minds
  • People on foot, bikes, and scooters can see them
  • Stickers go on lampposts, crosswalks, signs, and more
  • We often use sizes like A6, squares, and circles

Cut Outs

We’re big fans of street art. Independent street artists use things like paste ups or cut outs to show their art or ideas. These tools can work for campaigns too. If they’re artsy, look good, and are fun, cut outs can make your outdoor campaign, online marketing, or hashtag thing really pop. This is for creative marketers who know how art can be powerful in the streets and have a strong look or brand.

  • Fun and free-spirited
  • Ties to art
  • Gives your campaign a street art style
  • Can go on graffiti and poster sites or temporary spots
  • Perfect for Instagram
  • Good if your brand has a unique look or artsy vibe
  • Makes your brand stand out and be special



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