It is a kind of micro-posting: stickers are tiny street rascals among the guerrilla options we offer. It’s a tool for expressing opinions, provoking a call-to-action, profiling web addresses, pop-up your logo, and so on. Through constant repetition throughout the city a sticker engraves an image in our memory, and enforces recognition when seeing the same campaign elsewhere in the city. Subconsciously people see much more than they think and this increases the chance of being remembered and creating conversions. 

  • Stimulates image recognition and repetition
  • Unconscious registration of a brand
  • Visible for pedestrians, cyclists and scooters
  • Spots can be lampposts, crossings, traffic signs, electricity boxes
  • Regular formats are A6, squares and circles

Cut Outs

Street art we love. One of the tools independent street artists use to express art or visions are through paste ups or cut outs. But for campaigns these artistic paste ups can be useful too. As long as it remains artistic, graphical appealing and playful cut outs can create an eye-catching and instagrammable addition to an outdoor street campaign, online marketing activation or hashtag campaign. This is one for the adventurous marketeers who understand the power of art in the street and have a strong recognisable signature or brand image.

  • Playful and wild
  • Referential to the Arts
  • Gives your campaign a street-art look & feel 
  • Locations can be graffiti & poster sites or temporarily surfaces. 
  • Instagrammable 
  • For brands with a strong visual signature or artistic approach
  • Differentiation & unique brand activation



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