Digital Out-of-Home

One of the tools used for street domination is digital screens. It is one of the more traditional and well-known formats used in outdoor advertising. At Paper Trails Europe, digital screens can be used independently or in combination with other street marketing formats. These screens are strategically placed in high-traffic cities worldwide, ensuring that your campaign reaches your target audience, whether it’s at a bus stop, train station, during their morning walk, or in a shop window.

The digital nature of this format allows for a highly customizable marketing campaign. Using Programatic buying can increase the flexibility and effectiveness a digital campaign even further, whether your goal is to reach people at a specific station in the morning or to be visible in a particular area only on weekends, these options are all possible and can be adjusted during the campaign.

The extensive options of digital screens offer a variety of creative specifications. In addition to static artwork commonly used in guerrilla campaigns, video and interactive creatives are also possible. These interactive creatives allow for features like countdowns or live updated figures, making them perfect for announcing events.



  • Gain visibility at precise locations
  • Combine video with static artwork
  • Customize according to your target audience
  • Receive detailed reports of impressions and plays



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