For marketers who want a strong and eye-catching look, total presence in an area, and lots of people seeing their ads, premium poster sites are a must. These sites make your wild posting or other guerrilla marketing even more powerful. This way, your campaign stands out big time in the city, with important places and smart wild posting spots.

Every city has premium authorised poster sites for you 

You can put up amazing poster ads in city centers on spots that are looked after and controlled. There are different choices for size, cost, and material, depending on the place. Paper Trails has the best street marketing options for you. These work great with wild posting because they still use posters and paste, not digital screens or posters behind glass.


  • Premium locations
  • Regulated and risk free
  • Production takes on average 2-3 weeks after approval
  • Have to be pre-booked far ahead
  • Larger marketing budgets
  • Brand awareness
  • Guaranteed visibility
  • Quality over quantity
  • Show stoppers
  • Creates instagrammable campaign images
  • Creative, playful, and convincing

Examples of authorised sites

These special spots guarantee lots of views, high traffic places, consistency, and control. Imagine huge billboards on main roads, posters on big walls around construction sites, ads on frames all over the city center, big wrap-around ads on pillars near canals, or huge sites on approved walls. Here are some examples of special spots in European cities we have:

Italy | Mega sites | billboards | A1 posters

United Kingdom |  4-sheets | 8-sheets | hoardings | 48-sheet billboards | mega sites

The Netherlands | framed poster sites | billboards, advertorial pillars | mega sites | take overs

France | mega sites | billboards | walls coverings

Germany | street fences | 4-sheet sites | banners  | advertorial pillars

…and many more. Inform which authorised poster sites are an option in the cities of your choice using our contact form.



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