Why wild posting is king

Wild posting or fly posting is a favorite way for fashion brands, music shows, stores, and culture events to show their brand in a real and genuine way with their online marketing. Wild posting shows confidence, courage, and fun. Most importantly, wild posting is cheap, flexible, and gets people talking in the streets.

How it works 

Fly posting or wild posting is a sneaky way of guerrilla marketing. People put up posters all over a city using paste and a brush. The spots can be anything like a wall by a construction site or a post with a light. These posters need to be seen by people walking, driving, or on buses and trains. They pop up everywhere in the city. The more posters there are, the more your campaign takes over the streets.

Differentiate &  Be Artistic

Wild posting makes marketing teams and creative bosses have more freedom, make things more personal, and adds fun and a unique touch. There are lots of different sizes and designs for spots and posters. You can choose what works best for how you want it to look or how much you want to spend.

Why Paper Trails is the one in Europe 

Unlike other wild posting vendors, we are transparent and honest in what we do, where we do it and what you pay for. Paper Trails always keeps your brand, instructions, and risks at heart when distributing the posters around Europe. Paper Trails is specialised and experienced in realising international wild posting campaigns in multiple countries with reliable and convincing results. Our team and network is well connected. We only work with the most trusted and skilled poster teams around. Where needed, we personally monitor and distribute poster campaigns on site nationwide. 

What is included in our service

Included in our service are production costs, location lists, risk management, logistics, proof of distribution within days, a professional photo report for your PR/ social media efforts and campaign results. 



USA, United KingdomGermany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Scandinavia, Swiss, Italy


  • Service for world wide wild posting requests
  • Reliable & responsive network
  • Transparency in prices and logistics
  • Production costs for 2 creatives included
  • Proof of placement in your inbox within days
  • Professional photo report for marketing use
  • Perfect for last minute campaigns
  • Making some noise on the streets
  • Appeals to young audiences
  • Visually surprising
  • Pops up in city centers & hot spots
  • Affordable and inclusive
  • High quantities
  • Various sizes & combinations
  • Playful, bold and adventurous



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