In a world saturated with tech innovations, Nothing Tech stands out by going against the grain. “Nothing Tech” is an innovative and unconventional company that thrives on embracing the beauty of simplicity. The core principle of Nothing Tech revolves around minimalism and mindfulness. Driven by a passion for sustainability, Nothing Tech is committed to reducing electronic waste by developing long-lasting, durable, and upgradable products. They are also dedicated to using environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, aligning their vision with a greener future.
Recently, in celebration of the launch of their second Nothing phone, the Nothing (2), the company collaborated with Paper Trails Europe on captivating Wild Posting campaigns in the US and the UK. In New York and Los Angeles, 36*24 sized posters adorned the cityscapes, reaching both the east and west coasts. Meanwhile, in London, a city-wide campaign featured a combination of B2 and 4 sheet posters, making a bold statement about Nothing Tech’s ethos.
The creative design used in these campaigns perfectly encapsulated Nothing Tech’s essence – minimalist yet attention-grabbing. Reflecting the heart of their brand, the striking visuals conveyed the beauty and power of simplicity, solidifying their unique place in the tech industry.

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