Billboards (or hoardings) are real outdoor old timers and can be found in most centra of capitals and large cities in Europe. Sometimes they have been replaced by digitalised versions, but still the classic paper based displays are present on desirable locations. For brands who embrace the aesthetics of print and wish to display strong graphic design, this is a great show cas.

Regularly we suggest adding billboard to a (wild) poster campaign. Both types of OOH compliment each other very well and share how they are applied using paper, a brush and wheat paste.

Most billboards measure 2400 x 3300 mm (ca. 8m2) or bigger, depending the location and are usually illuminated from above.  

Billboards can be found in city centers, shopping malls, along arterial roads, inside parkings and inside stations like on the platforms of Londons Underground. 

Prices depend strongly on location, type of hoarding or billboard, size and season.


  • Classic form of OOH
  • Often found in old city centers
  • Prices per week depend on location, size, type, and season
  • Can be selected individually or in series
  • Minimum of 2 weeks
  • Fixed installation days
  • Creative possibilities
  • 2400 x 3300 mm (ca. 8m2) or more

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