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Wild projection


When the sun goes down, cities light up with colorful lights and signs. It’s the perfect time for wild beaming and video mapping. Wild Projection is a unique experience and an amazing way to capture attention for your brand. It creates a big impact and gets shared on social media, gaining tons of views!

Illuminate the Urban Jungle

Discover the Art of Guerrilla Video Projections

Beamer projections are a modern, digital way of doing fast moving guerrilla marketing. With big beaming we create super cool (moving) images on eye-catching landmarks and buildings. We also have manual street-level beaming, for places where cars can’t go. We project on sidewalks, roads, walls, tunnels, signs, boards… You name it!

With video-mapping, we offer tailor made projections following the contour of a specific building or other object, creating a highly immersive and unique brand experience.

Looking for a plan that fits your campaign? Reach out to us. We love taking on challenges!


The Ins and outs of wild projections



Wild projections, or guerrilla video projections, use high-powered projectors to display dynamic visuals on urban surfaces like buildings and streets. This innovative advertising method transforms cityscapes into engaging visual experiences, capturing the attention of passersby in ways traditional ads cannot.


Advanced projection equipment and software ensure bright, high-quality displays that can be seen even in ambient light. Projection mapping tailors visuals to the contours of surfaces, creating captivating large-scale images and videos. This form of urban marketing offers brands a flexible, interactive way to engage audiences and create memorable advertising campaigns.

Wild projections offer numerous benefits for advertisers looking to stand out in urban environments. One key advantage is their ability to capture attention in busy, crowded areas. The dynamic and large-scale nature of projections naturally draws the eye, making it easier for brands to get noticed. Unlike static billboards, wild projections can display moving images and videos, providing a more engaging and memorable experience for viewers. This heightened engagement can lead to increased brand awareness and recall.


Another significant benefit of wild projections is their flexibility and adaptability. Advertisers can quickly update the content to reflect real-time events, promotions, or messages, allowing for timely and relevant advertising. Additionally, the use of projection mapping enables precise control over the visuals, ensuring they perfectly fit the projection surface and enhance the overall impact. This adaptability not only maximizes the visual appeal but also allows for interactive elements, further boosting audience interaction and engagement.

We excel in executing guerrilla marketing campaigns that make a lasting impact. Our expertise in innovative advertising strategies and advanced projection technology enables us to create visually stunning and highly engaging wild projection campaigns that captivate urban audiences. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor content to specific locations and events, ensuring maximum relevance and impact. Our agile approach allows us to quickly update and adapt campaigns in real-time, keeping your message fresh and timely. Partnering with Paper Trails means collaborating with a team that combines creativity, technical proficiency, and a keen understanding of urban spaces to maximize your advertising effectiveness.



Our guerilla marketing services lead throughout Europe and beyond, taking over streetscapes in countries including the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and Italy.


Planning a multi-country campaign? Be prepared to navigate a maze of diverse regulations and processes. But don’t worry, this is what we do every day. We only work with the most trusted and skilled teams around.

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