Wild posting in the Netherlands

Elevate your campaign with wild posting – also known as affichage or flyposting – as we strategically distribute your posters throughout diverse locations in the Netherlands. Drawing from our local expertise, grounded in the Netherlands, we possess an intimate understanding of each city and the optimal spots for your campaign – precisely where your target audience frequents.

Your campaign will resonate far and wide, captivating passersby whether they traverse bustling city centers or speed along the highways. There’s no escaping its reach. With repeated exposure, these posters ensure your message remains indelibly etched in their minds.

Why Paper Trails Europe?

  • Based in the Netherlands
  • Dedicated local team of installers
  • For every budget and every message
  • Campaign start as quickly as 48 hours

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Optimal visibility in various cities

Wild posting reigns supreme as the conduit to bridge your message with your audience. By weaving pop-up advertising havens in nooks where traditional media seldom tread—old town centers, creative hubs, and bustling streets—it reigns as the embodiment of cost-effective outdoor advertising.

Most popular cities in the Netherlands

Envision your campaign flourishing in the heart of iconic Dutch cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. Yearning for broader outreach? We extend our services to cities like Groningen, Arnhem, Nijmegen, and Eindhoven. And for those aiming higher still, our coverage includes nationwide campaigns.

Previous wild posting campaigns in the Netherlands

Our portfolio showcases remarkable wild posting campaigns that have graced the Netherlands. Renowned brands including Armani, Patta X Tommy, Calvin Klein, Gorillaz, and Armin van Buuren have entrusted us to spread their message. Feast your eyes on the visuals below for a wellspring of inspiration.


Combining wild posting with other services

The power of repetition. The more often someone sees your message, the better it sticks. That is why wild posting is often extended with other promotions such as stickering, mupis and abris, or billboards. We also have more than enough opportunities in the Netherlands for these types of promotions.

Paper Trails Europe. Based in Amsterdam

Paper Trails Europe was established in Amsterdam back in 2013. Until then, we’ve been wild posting for years. We know this city like no other. Whether you are looking for a short time guerilla campaign or need continuous coverage for your brand on the best locations, we got you covered.


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