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Wild Posting Madrid


Embark on a dynamic journey with wild posting (also known as affichage or flyposting) in the heart of Madrid. Your message finds its wings as it graces the diverse districts of this bustling city. With an extensive history of successful campaigns in Madrid, we’ve mastered the intricate tapestry of its streets, guiding your message to the perfect nooks that resonate with your target audience.

Go wild

Optimal Visibility in Madrid

Picture your campaign’s resonance reverberating across the cityscape. From vibrant sights to thriving shopping and nightlife hubs, your message thrives in the tapestry of Madrid’s daily life. There’s no escaping its captivating grasp. As these posters become woven into the city’s fabric, your message is poised to linger long after it’s seen.


The Ins and Outs of poster campaigns



Armed with just paste and a brush, we plaster posters all over the city, turning everyday spots like construction walls and lampposts into bold statement pieces. We take care of everything and unlike other wild posting vendors, we are transparent and honest in what we do, where we do it and what you pay for.

Embrace the freedom of guerrilla marketing with wild posting, offering creative teams unparalleled flexibility and personalization. Infuse your campaign with a touch of fun and uniqueness through a variety of sizes and designs for spots and posters. Tailor your approach to fit your desired aesthetic or budget, ensuring maximum impact in urban environments.

At Paper Trails, we redefine wild posting with transparent, honest service. Specializing in international street advertising campaigns across Europe, we prioritize your brand and objectives. With a network of trusted poster teams, we ensure reliable and convincing results, personally monitoring and distributing campaigns nationwide or locally for maximum impact.

Your guide in Madird

How it works

Wild posting stands as the paramount conduit for delivering your message to the masses. By weaving ephemeral advertising spaces into the urban canvas, we transcend the limitations of traditional media. Old town centers, creative enclaves, and bustling streets become the stage for your message. This avenue is not only accessible but also remarkably affordable, making it an ideal form of outdoor advertising.


Madrid boasts an array of distinct districts—Villaverde, Puente de Vallecas, Ciudad Lineal, Chamartín, Arganzuela, Usera, and more—each with its unique personality. Through meticulous understanding, we pinpoint the locales where your wild posting campaign can truly flourish. Our arsenal includes B1 and B0 poster sizes, and we’re well-equipped to elevate your campaign with 3×2 mega site posters.

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