When the sun sets, cities light up by electricity and colourful lights and signages. Perfect for wild beaming and video mapping to overhaul the night. Beamer projection is a real show stopper, creates high impact, brand participation and is a one-of-a-kind experience marketing tool. Views, impact and social sharing guaranteed !

Beaming projections and video mapping are illuminated digital forms of guerrilla marketing on a hit & run basis. Around 3 to 5 sites will be hit per night for XL beaming and 1 to 2 buildings for video mapping. We offer as well a more affordable form of night projection: manual street level beaming for those areas where cars cannot enter or active brand participation with crowds is a must. Projections can be on pavements, roads, walls, tunnels,  installations or hoarding. For a plan tailored to your campaign goals, do get in touch. We like a challenge.

  • Story telling
  • Give audiences an experience
  • Call to action marketing
  • Bold statement
  • Show stopper
  • Visible at night
  • Triggers social sharing
  • A+ locations in city centers
  • Video Mapping on buildings
  • Big screen projection
  • Crowd levelled projection
  • Buildings of your choice are optional