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Eintracht Frankfurt

After reaching the finals of the Europa League competition the club Eintracht Frankfurt wanted to take over their own city to gather as much support as possible for the final game.


For Frankfurt we used the A1 size of posters. Wildposting isn’t allowed in the city, so we’ve placed them & removed them directly after the game. During the nightfall we took over the city with 2 crewmembers and 2 walking beamers of 5000 lumen. And a big building with a projection of 20.000 lumen. The Chalk graffiti is an unique way of advertising on the streets & environmentally friendly.


This campaign was a wonderful example of a total city take over. An impact campaign for brand awareness and a call to action for a brand. The wildposting is good for spreading the message in the whole city.

Frankfurt, Germany
May 2022
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