Almada Label

Almada Label is all about being creative, eco-friendly, and unique in fashion. What makes them special is their strong commitment to sustainability. They make sure their materials are sourced ethically, use eco-friendly ways to make their products, and encourage responsible shopping. This dedication to the environment is woven into their designs, so each piece of clothing represents style and caring for the planet. As a result, Almada Label commanded attention on the global fashion stage throughout this year.

This level of Finnish sophistication was showcased during a multitude of fashion weeks this year. They not only were present at the fashion weeks in Paris, Copenhagen and New York but also took over the streets with unique Wild Posting campaigns in each city. Starting in Paris, past June, Almada Label took over the areas of Le Republique and Le Marais with B1 poster walls. Later this summer, their sophisticated creatives were on display on even larger walls all across Copenhagen for the Copenhagen Fashion Week. To finish of the season they took over the streets of Brooklyn with two creatives displayed on 24×36 inch posters.

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