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For Paris Blockchain Week, an annual event that brings together leading experts, developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers in the blockchain industry, Paper Trails Europe took over the streets of Paris with a multifaceted campaign. This campaign consisted of wild posting, wild beaming and digital screens near the Louvre, Paris.

B1 format posters were used for the wild posting around Louvre, Rue de Rivoli, Grand Boulevards, Opéra and Saint Germain. Together with Digital screens around the same areas they created visibility on the streets of Paris. This was accompanied by wild beaming at multiple locations around the Louvre for unmissable impact during the late afternoon and night to truly take over the streets during the event. For the digital screens we used some static and mp4 screens. Wild beaming was based on a 10 second video. Locations of wild beaming: Hotel de Ville near Louvre, building Vieille du Temple, Louvre square and Cour Napoleon with on the background the Eiffel.

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