Wild posting in Paris

Immerse your campaign in the dynamic spirit of Paris through our strategic wild posting endeavours. Drawing from extensive experience in the heart of Paris, we possess an insider’s grasp of the city’s intricacies and prime campaign locations – precisely where your target audience converges.

Your campaign will reverberate across the cityscape – whether amidst bustling landmarks or pedalling through shopping and nightlife hubs. There’s no evading its influence. With repeated exposure, these posters ensure your message takes root in the minds of passers-by.

Why Paper Trails Europe?

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Optimal visibility

Wild posting stands as the pinnacle of message accessibility. By crafting ephemeral advertising spaces in unconventional settings – historic town centers, thriving creative hubs, and vibrant streets – we facilitate a potent connection. This approach represents the most cost-effective form of outdoor advertising available today.

Boroughs of Paris

Paris is well known for its diverse type of districts like Le Marais, Quartier Latin, Montmartre, Montparnasse, Buttes-Aux-Cailles, Bercy and many more. We know exactly which areas are most suitable for your wild posting campaign in Paris.

Previous wild posting campaigns in Paris

We’ve done some really cool wild posting campaigns in Paris and other cities in France, for well known brands like Komono, Magda Butrym, Snipes x 032c, Foot Locker X New Balance, Lync & Co and many more. See the pictures below for some inspiration.


Combining wild posting with other services

The strength of repetition is undeniable. The more someone encounters your message, the more firmly it takes hold. This principle is the cornerstone of our approach to wild posting in Paris. To amplify this strategy, we seamlessly integrate it with supplementary promotions, including stickering, mupis, abris, and billboards. Paris presents numerous opportunities for these innovative avenues.

Paper Trails Europe. Based in Amsterdam

Established in Amsterdam in 2013, Paper Trails Europe has been a pioneer in wild posting for years. Our expertise spans the vast expanse of big European cities, granting us a unique perspective. Whether you’re seeking a brief, impactful guerrilla campaign or consistent brand coverage in premier locations, we have you fully covered.


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