Snipes X 032c

Launch of a new collab between Snipes x 032c

Snipes x 032c is a collaboration between the German streetwear retailer Snipes and the contemporary culture magazine 032c. The collaboration features a limited edition clothing collection that blends streetwear and high fashion.

The designs are characterized by bold graphics, monochrome color schemes, and a mix of classic and contemporary styles. The Snipes x 032c collaboration has been well received by fans of both brands and has helped to further cement Snipes’ position as a leading retailer of streetwear and urban fashion.

The collab was launched on the first of March ’22 in Berlin and Paris. To get attention for the collection, we’ve done an impact campaign in both cities at the same time. The campaign flight was for 2 weeks near the shops in Paris and Berlin.

Paris: around Châtelet – Les Halles and close to the Paris Rue St. Denis Les Halles store. With 4 creatives and one megasite hero. We’ve worked with the B1 combined with the 3*2 megasites.

Berlin close to the AlexanderPlatz, Vosstrasse and the Wilmersdorfer stores. Same campaign images with 4 creatives and one megasite hero. In Berlin we’ve worked with the A1 in combination with the 4sheet. Snipes x 032c had 10 hotspots in Berlin with the big 5m by 2m banners.




  • Paris & Berlin
  • creatives + hero
  • Collab fashion: snipes x 032c
  • A1, 4 sheet, B1, 3×2 and banner 5×2

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