Paper Trails Europe and Patta goes a long way. Once more we contributed to spread the latest drop with a vast international wild poster campaign. Simultaneously and on time we distributed across New York, London, Berlin, Munich, Milan and Amsterdam. On April 9 Patta and Tommy Hilfiger dropped their collaborated SS21 collection on The collection ‘pattaxtommy’ celebrates and supports Pan-Africanism with clothes in representative colours red, green and black. But it’s not all about the clothing line, Patta x Tommy use this momentum to educate us as well. On the site the documentary Katibo Ye Ye (2003) was available to stream (about the journey of a Dutch-Suriname man following the routes of his ancestors in times when slave trading was happening between Suriname, Ghana and Europe). Suriname is also where Patta founders’ roots lie. Secondly, a short film Two become one, shot in Lagos, is created to support the collection and its message. What the Pan-Africanism collection wish to resonate is:

Unity is strength, division is weakness. LOVE FOR ALL.

Both brands donate parts of the profits of this capsule collection to The Black Archives, Sistah Space, and The Good Neighborhood Collective.

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