Filippa K

2022 was a big year for Filippa K. They’ve opened a new store in Finland, Helsinki & where visible at the Paris Fashion week. Paper Trails has been the Out of Home partner of the fashion brand. We planned the fashion week, the store opening and new colletion in several cities.

Fashion Week Paris
Paris Fashion week is one of the most popular fashion weeks of the world. During last fashion week we´ve done a wildposting showcase in Paris. B1 sizes and some 3*2 megasize.

Store opening Helsinki
Filippa K opened a new shop in Finland, Helsinki. For the marketing campaign of the launch, we have done some wildposting campaign with B2 size posters.

New Collection Aww22
Helsinki (Finland) with A1 and B2 posters near the new shop on the Mikonkatu 1.

Antwerp (Belgium)
Near the shop Steenhouwersvest 65, 2000 Antwerpen, België
Wildposting / Flyposting A1.
In Antwerp
Posterframes A0

Copenhagen (Denmark) was based on the A1 columns city wide.

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