Eton saw the light of day in the village of Gånghester, Sweden, in 1928. Since then, they have grown into a global brand and reinvented the shirt as a garment you wear to stand out, not fit in. This sustainable brand was visible in New York City and London last June 2022 for 14 days.

Eton shirts don’t make shirts to make shirts. Not even to make the best shirts: even if that is what we get up in the morning to do. No, we make our shirts for you. Shirts you wear at work, at an interview, a presentation. Shirts for your ambitions.

In New York City we target most in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Locations like: Manhattan Prince and Macdougal, Prince and Broadway and 6th Avenue. In Brooklyn: Humboldt and Herbert and N 8th and Meeker.

Impressions of the wildposting campaign:
48*72 posters were seen by more them 8.190,000 people and the posters 36*72 even 10.710,000.

In London we’ve worked with 2 Paste Ups / Portrait style. 200x 4 sheets & 3000 B2 spread over the city.



  • Wild posting campaign in London & NYC
  • 48*72 / 36*72 / Paste-ups / 4-sheets / B2
  • June 2022
  • Locations London:
    Braithwait St
    Great Portland St
    Dover St
    Berwick St
    Bethnal Green Road
    Notting Hill Gate
    Ladbroke Grove
    Brick Lane

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