1inch Network

ETH Global Lisbon is a prestigious gathering that occurs in the energetic city of Lisbon, Portugal. It brings together exceptional individuals, developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts from around the globe to explore, collaborate, and innovate. During this event, the partnership between 1inch Network Paper Trails Europe and ETH Global Lisbon created a captivating street marketing campaign that left a lasting impression.
The multi-faceted guerrilla campaign incorporated various strategies such as Wild Posting, digital out-of-home advertising, chalk graffiti, and an eye-catching Aerial Billboard floating above the beaches of Lisbon. The Wild Posting utilized a combination of A2 and B1 poster formats strategically placed in prominent locations. The digital out-of-home displays showcased both static and dynamic images, captivating audiences in transit stations and the airport. This all was accompanied by Wild Beaming to capture the attention of the passer-by at night.


  • Wild Posting, A2 & B1
  • Chalk Graffiti
  • Digital Screens, Static & Video
  • Aerial Billboard
  • Wild Beaming, Video
  • City Takeover
  • May 2023, Lisbon
    Cais do Sodré
    Humberto Delgado Airport
    Principe Real

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